You Are Here!

Guys…don’t laugh, I *just* realized that today is Tuesday. Which means it’s my day to post! I blame the three graduation parties and the eye doctor appointment this weekend — not to mention the holiday which totally screws up my week. Anyways, I was going to post a book review, but I absolutely failed thinking that I had all night to write it. So, instead I’m posting my Teen Book Display for summer reading!

Ta-da! I used a map from a co-worker for the backdrop. And took most of my book selections from Kelly of Stacked and her amazing “Display This!” series on foreign countries.

I made a backpack out of Butcher Block which is no easy feat! And unfortunately I can’t explain it to anyone else…because I kind of winged it.

And then I bought a blow-up airplane and made the squiggly road. Hooray! The teens have really liked this one, and they keep trying to guess what map I used. (Spoiler alert: It’s Detroit!) This one will probably be up all summer, where I’m planning to switch it out for a book-to-movie display for back to school.


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