Top SEO Techniques Businesses Should Implement In 2020

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Every business owner is always hard at work to attract a ton of traffic to their website. While most focus on social media to do that, SEO strategies can skyrocket your search engine rankings and result in exponential growth for your business online. SEO is improving and changing frequently, but there are some techniques that you shouldn’t leave out of your website in 2020:

  • Make sure you implement local SEO technique to boost the growth of your business online

Small businesses need to put a lot of emphasis on local search, especially if they’re brick-and-motor businesses. According to Consumer Insight Ltd, 50% of shoppers who search products and services locally on their Smartphones pay a visit to the brick-and-motor stock the same day. When it comes to those who do that on their desktop computers, the figure drops down to 34%. Therefore, it’s beneficial that your business online ranks high on local search. If it doesn’t, the competition will outrank you and take a big chunk of your target audience.

  • Make sure you implement voice search in your business online

The use of voice search hasn’t gained popularity, but in 2020, it’s expected to gather steam. Voice search takes away the trouble of having to type out your keywords on the Google search bar. You only need to say the words and the results are availed to you. However, there is a catch: You’ll need to optimize your content for voice search for it to work on your website.

  • Ensure your online business website is mobile friendly

According to a recent Google survey, more than half of online users search products and services online using their mobile devices, and that percentage is expected to increase moving forward. That means that if your business website is not optimized for mobile, you’ll be losing out on potential sales every day. In fact, the proliferation of mobile is the reason why Google changed its ranking algorithm from mobile to desktop.

  • Your online competitors are using your keywords

In business, never disregard the fact that you have direct competitors. There are great possibilities that the keywords you’re targeting have been used by your competitors. Make sure you know these competitors and formulate SEO strategies that are completely different from theirs.

Other SEO strategies are must-have on your website, such as page speed, keyword optimization, social share and more. Make sure you include all of them to make your SEO strategy more powerful.


Best Tips for Selling Products Online Easily

Selecting the best product is just one step to selling products online. The most important thing is getting customers to buy the products. And what you need to think long and hard about is how you intend to attract customers to your business online. The truth is; even if you offer the best products in your niche, they won’t sell themselves. You need to drive customers to your website and convince them to buy. That’s the real meaning of successful business online. The big question, however, is: How can you find customers to buy your products? Here’s how:

Selling Products Online

· Selling products online successfully will require you to drive customers to your business

Take yourself as a case study. If you want to buy something online, you will head to your favorite search engine and type in the keywords that describe the product or service you want. The same applies to your target customers. They will simply head out to their favorite search engine, possibly Google, and type in their keyword on the search bar. The search engine will bring a list of e-commerce websites that sell that particular product. That means if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of search engines, customers will not be able to find your site. So always make sure to optimize your site for search engines to get good rankings.

· Target the right consumers for your business online

The days of blind marketing where people used to just throw ads around hoping that they would hook up customers are long gone. Today, it’s about laser targeting your customers. In other words, it’s about finding customers who are interested and ready to buy your products and services. You can use a tool like Google Analytics to help you pinpoint where your customers are, as well as their buying characteristics. You can also take advantage of Facebook to get the right customers. Facebook groups people according to unique commonalities and it’s easy to go straight to where your target customers hang out. This way, your conversation rate will increase substantially.

· You’ll need to pay to get customers to your online business

One of the most effective ways to drive customers to your business website is to utilize paid advertising. Paid advertising is effective because the ads reach customers who are interested in your niche. Examples of paid advertising strategies you can use include Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.


Most first time entrepreneurs think that selling products online is a daunting task. It’s not. Once you know your target audience, what they like and don’t like, convincing them to buy from you becomes easy and if you follow our SEO tips it is even easier!

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