Teen Program: Bubble Magnets

Ready for an easy to plan craft for teens?

I give you….bubble magnets!

My library purchased a kit from Oriental Trading for this craft, but I bet it could be done for cheaper if you went to a craft store and just bought a sheet of magnets and the little bubbles. (Which is all that came in the kit.) They suggested using decoupage glue; we used regular white glue sticks and everything was fine.

My teens raved about this program, and while they did make some bubble magnets that have nothing to do with books (a few brought in pictures of friends and family), a lot of them did choose to make book magnets! My magnets are hanging on my file cabinets at work, and my teens keep pointing them out to ask me when we will do that program again. Definitely soon!


  1. This is one of my favorite crafts… for myself. 🙂 But since I work in youth services, I held a workshop for 4th grade and up last month, and it went very well, too. I went the route of buying marbles and round, super-strong magnets from a craft store, and we used Tacky glue to hold everything together. The marbles were the most expensive supply; my local hobby shop had run out, and they were twice as expensive at Michaels ($6 or $7 for a pack of 50). I forgot to ask them to bring photos from home, so we used magazines and stickers for the images.

    1. The bottom right four magnets are all mine…so I definitely agree with you!

      Oooh, that is WAY cheaper than what I paid at Oriental Trading for the whole lot ($5.99 for a pack of 12). I’ll have to remember that for the next time I repeat this craft for sure.

      1. Whoops, just reread my first comment. I meant the *magnets* were the most expensive supply. I was able to get a bag of over 100 marbles for just a few dollars. All in all, I think supplies set us back about $25 for about 140 finished magnets.

  2. Oh, THIS is awesome!!!! I work with preschoolers who, mostly, can’t do things this size BUT our pre-K kids would get a kick out of it, i’m sure. This is really neat, thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m sure that they would, too. And this is such an easy program to adapt for little ones since it’s only gluing!

  3. Thank you so much for posting about this idea! I love it. I was just trying to come up with my summer crafts and this one will be perfect.

    One question… did you pre-cut out the pictures they used? Or did you bring options that the teens cut up?

    Thank you again! Great idea :).
    Emily @ The Ninja Librarian

    1. I’m glad I could help!

      My teens are constantly arriving early to programs, so before we went down I let them find some pictures on the computers. I let each teen have one free sheet of printing. (Our library charges for color prints.) Some brought stuff from home, but I also had some J-14 and Seventeen magazines to cut out, as well as a slew of popular book covers.

  4. Love this craft! And yes, you can do it WAY cheaper if you just get the supplies at Hobby Lobby or somewhere. I did this at my last library and I still have marbles left – I think it was like $2.99 for a bag of 100 or something. You can find them with the floral stuff, usually.

  5. This sounds like a blast! I’m always on the lookout for bookish crafts to be done on the cheap, and this sounds absolutely perfect! And adorable to boot!

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