Teen Non-Fiction: Green Resources

[This is part of an on-going series about teen non-fiction and updating that collection. Previous posts can be found here, here, and here.]

One thing is abundantly clear when you’re weeding non-fiction — if it’s wrong, it doesn’t belong. Let me just say that this was literally an “OH MY, WHY IS THIS HERE?” moment:

Title: Earth At Risk: Global Warming
Author: Burkhard Bilger
Publication Date: 1992
Series Includes: Acid Rain, Alternative Sources of Energy, Animal Welfare, The Automobile and the Environment, Clean Air, Clean Water, Degradation of the Land, Economics and the Environment, Endangered Species, The Environment and the Law, Environmental Action Groups, Environmental Disasters, Extinction, Floods, The Fragile Earth, Global Warming, The Living Ocean, Nuclear Energy/Nuclear Waste, Overpopulation, The Ozone Layer, The Rainforest, Recycling, Solar Energy, Toxic Materials, What You Can Do For the Environment, Wilderness Preservation

This must have been a fine resource back in the day; Chelsea House Publishing puts out a lot of quality non-fiction for teens and I know that their books are to be trusted. But, on a topic like global warming…we’ve certainly come a long way since 1992.

Nineteen libraries in my system still have this on their shelves though (and that’s only this volume)! Allow me to suggest some alternatives:

These books range from the academic, personal, and even crafts.

An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore (9780670062713), 2007.

Generation Green by Linda Sivertsen (9781416961222), 2008.

Girls Gone Green by Lynn Hirshfield (9781448720095), 2010.

Global Warming : Opposing Viewpoints by Cynthia A. Bily (073772935X), 2006.

The Green Teen by Jenn Savedge (9780865716490), 2009.

Recyclo-Gami : 40 crafts to make your friends green with envy! by Laurie Goldrich Wolf (9780762440528), 2010.

Have you found some excellent current resources about going green, global warming, and other “Earth at Risk” topics? Lemme know in the comments!


  1. Thank you for posting this! We had that series! I’m proud to say it no longer graces our shelves. I’ve yet to replace it, though, as interest in our teen nonfiction collection is understandably low, given the terrible shape it was in until a few months ago. I love seeing your suggestions!

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