Teen Movie Books Display

Yesterday, I put together this display in the library:

Material List Break-Down

Film Reel
– Foam Board
– Tape Roll
– Paint
– Glitter
– Paper Film Reel
– Laminator
– Tape & Glue

I used a blown-up photo of a film reel and traced in onto the foam board. Then, I painted the foam board gray. Afterwards, I sprinkled glitter on it and ran my paintbrush through to spread it out. To assemble, I put a tape roll (book tape) between the two foam pieces. I laminated a long strip of film that I printed off from the web to give it a shiny look and tape it around the edges. This is by far my favorite part of the display!

Popcorn Box
– Posterboard
– Paper
– Yellow Tissue Paper

Begin with the posterboard, cutting out the shape. (And yes, I had to look it up, but you want to draw a isosceles trapezoid.) Honestly, I free-handed the template. As long as you have two sets of equal sides, the box will line up. Afterwards, I glued a red and white stripe piece of paper onto the posterboard, taped all the sides together and made the label. Then, I crumpled yellow tissue paper in the box to look like popcorn.

– Butcher Block

I just pleated Butcher Block paper and attached around the display.

I am in *love* with this display, but I still want to add more. Maybe some hanging stars with glitter? We’ll see.


  1. I know Pam right? I am stealing this one. I saw something like it this summer when I visited a Hollywood memorabilia store. They had used a picture frame. Very cute.

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