Teen Program: Anime Club – Craft Ideas

I had some down time between my book groups toady and was trying to come up with some ideas for easy crafts that my Anime Club could do. We’ve been simply watching Anime the past 2 years, but I want to start adding in some extra elements to help with the boredom. I know a lot of the kids come to mainly socialize, but I don’t want them to leave because all we do is watch Anime they’ve already scene. I do ask them for suggestions, but it still is one they’ve love. I wish there were more hours in the day to track down suitable unknown Anime, but sadly there is not. So, here are my ideas to add some extra elements.

1. Sketch Pads. I know many of them LOVE to draw, but not all bring along a pad. So I thought I’d have sketch pads on hand for them to use.

2. Inches. I came across these today and there are some really cool ones! Best part about these are they can let their imagination go wild.

3. Buttons. We have a button maker at work that is actually a lot of fun to use. And I have a whole bunch of buttons as supplies for a Summer Craft program that no one is attending. So, I figured I would let the Anime teens have a go at using the supplies.

4. Ear Bud Wraps. Who doesn’t need one of these? They’re easy to make and again offer a lot of variety for personal taste and design.

5. Shrinky Dinks. I love the ones the Mooresville Public Library did. This may leave out the kids who can’t draw a bit, but I figured they could still do a design if nothing else. And I was thinking that I would just take them home and do it it the oven–offer a nice incentive to come back the next month to pick them back up.

If anyone has any other craft idea, please let me know!


  1. Maybe have them make music videos from clips of their favorite anime? Then you screen them at the next meeting.

    Or you could do a food theme–have them bring food they’ve noticed anime characters eating to the next meeting as a kind of pot luck thing. Or ask a sushi chef to volunteer to teach them how to roll their own sushi? That could be fun (and messy).

  2. These are such cool ideas! I just started an anime club at the local library I work at and have been in need of more crafts to keep the club occupied. I also have to agree with the food suggestion. I did a Japanese cooking class and had them make riceballs. I also introduced them to the seaweed (nori) that they are wrapped in that I picked up inexpensively from a local Asian market. They are really easy to make and the teens loved getting creative with cutting the nori and making faces on their riceballs!

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