Summer Reading!

Summer Reading officially started for us today! This time of year always excites and exhausts me at the same time. I’m also a little nervous because this is the third year I’ve changed the way we do Summer Reading. Mainly worried that it’ll confuse them and make them not want to do the program. Now granted, besides the first year, they’ve been pretty small changes. Like last year I tried out an online system. Or this year we’ve dropped the reviews that were normally required, which I think will be for the good. I wanted to make Summer Reading a bit more fun so basically all they have to do is read! I’m really hoping it’ll boost my numbers this year. I have 160 teens participate last year and I’m hoping we can reach at least 200 this year! *fingers crossed* (Of course, the fact that I did school visits this year should help, too! I saw 800 kids in a week! WHEW)

Instead of typing up everything we’re doing, I figured I’d post the promo video we have. Much love to Kelly @ Stacked Books for introducing me to Prezi and pushing me to do more. She gave me the inspiration I needed to make this a great promo!

I’ll be giving updates on programs and stats as we go along so be sure to come back and check out how it’s going!


    1. Thanks Abby! And it’s pretty easy to use! Although I did have to use a screen capture program to make it into a video, but it was pretty easy to do!

  1. My local library has some great summer reading programs for kids, teens and adults. Summer reading for me means no manga or graphic novels except for those I buy myself. The shelves at the library are completely picked clean by all the kids and teens on summer break. 🙂

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