Teen Program: Sock Monsters

This month’s craft was SOCK MONSTERS and it was a HUGE hit. The teens absolutely loved it and it only cost about 30 bucks (I have enough left over socks to do this again at the after-school program I do at a local school.) They’re relatively easy and I have several teens who got really creative with them. I had seen several versions via Pinterest, but none of them fit my needs. So, I played around and created my own version. Below a visual step-by-step on how to create them


For those who don’t want to view the visual here are the written directions

Materials needed: Glue gun/fabric glue, socks (we used baby socks), rice/stuffing, & felt

Step one: Cut a straight-line about halfway on the heel. This will be the mouth.

Step two: Flatten sock, fold the edges in, and glue shut. This will make the mouth/lips look puffy.

Step three: Stuff it! We used rice but you could easily use normal stuffing or any other filler you’d like.

Step four: Glue the top shut.

Step five: Give it a face using felt. I found some self-adhesive felt at Walmart that worked quite nicely and meant the teens didn’t have to use the glue gun to make the felt stick.

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