Sharing is Caring?

Today is officially the last day of Summer Reading for me. It’s been a great summer, but a very tiring one as well. I still won’t know what my final stats are until next week, so I’ll probably do one more post in August after the lock-in. I’m pretty sure I’ll be near 300 teens though!

With this post I kind of want to talk about events. I love sharing ideas/programs with other librarians/readers, but haven’t decided which program to do a longer write up on where I highlight what worked and what didn’t and what the kids thought. I’ve been doing a lot more librarian posts than review posts lately and don’t want to bore you guys too much. So here’s my list of my “big” events and how many people came…if you see anything you’d like to know more about just let me know!

1. Pirates vs. Ninjas (aka Capture the Flag): 16
2. Pizza Tasting: 26
3. Swordplay Demonstration: 26
4. Murder Mystery Event: 42
5. 60 Second Showdown: 33


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