Book Review: S.E.X.

Book Review: S.E.X.S.E.X. by Heather Corinna
Release Date: May 2007
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Pages: 332

We’ve all had those questions were we stop and think…am I normal? Is that what it’s suppose to look like? Is that really what happens? How do I do this? Thankfully, S.E.X. can answers all that and more. Corinna covers things such as female/male anatomy, changes that will occur to one’s body, different types of sexual orientations, how to maintain a healthy relationship, a checklist for sexual readiness, in-depth information on how to have safe sex/contraceptives, and STI risks/information. Her straightforward, truthful, no-bull approach to these topics makes it a book that any teen or parent should read.

While I think S.E.X. is an invaluable, accurate resource for teens, it is a little boring. I’m afraid teens may find it too cut and dry and discard it before ever giving it a chance. I was a little worried about the “how to do it” section, which covers such topics as kissing, foreplay, and intercourse, especially when I saw it included such things as fisting. However, after reading it, I can honestly say it’s nothing shocking. The section is more about what each thing is and what it entails. No step-by-step how-to or even pictures are included. And my way of thinking is, teens are going to get their information one way or another. I would prefer they get it for a book with accurate information rather than a porn site or, worse, by getting themselves in a situation they cannot control. Parents may wish to read it before their teens, but I honestly hope they do not withhold this book from them. It is important information that can not only keep them safe during sex, but can help them with every day problems regarding their bodies, identities, and relationships.

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