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Find yourself in need of spare cash? Need to clean out all the junk you have been hoarding over the years? Well, then this is the guide for you to turn your junk into very real, very spendable money!

With the rise in global online marketplaces, such as eBay and OLX, it has become tremendously easy to buy and sell all sorts of items online. From household products to clothes, to gadgets and much more, the list is never ending! Yet, some things seem to sell faster than others. So, how can one make their product look desirable even if it truly is ‘junk’? Here are a few tips we have to offer!

  • Use your talent with the camera:

2017 was the time for cellphone photography to really take off. In such a case, it is highly unlikely that you have not acquired some level of skill in taking ‘aesthetic’ shots through your cell phone camera. Put this skill to use, or ask a friend for help to take the perfect shot for your product. Providing a picture of your product easily doubles your chances of having a successful sale. Remember: the better the picture, the higher your chances of selling the product. The best of shots are usually well focused and crisp, with the product against a simple backdrop and under suitable lighting. For inspiration, Google stock photos for similar products and replicate the shot to the best of your ability.

  • Grammar is key:

Grammar Nazis, this is your time to shine! A well-composed title with correctly arranged upper and lower-case letters is rule number one. The description of your product must not be sloppy in terms of spelling and punctuation. When selling a product, we cannot tell you how crucial it is that you use correct grammar- especially if your product is not that fantastic in the first place. This ensures that you do not come off as a scammer and are serious about selling your product.

  • Reminisce the good times:

The idea is to make your product seem as appealing and useful as possible. This could be done through a shared personal experience with the product (a positive one, of course!). It could be an explanation as to why you are selling this product. Make it seem as if you truly value your product and would choose to keep it if you could. However, remember to find the line between marketing your product and maintaining professionalism. For example, it is better to write “this cellphone is great and has given me no issues within the 5-month period that I have used it” rather than “this phone is awesome, and I love it so so so much”.

  • Be honest, but not ‘too’ honest:

Pointing out flaws in your product is not a bad thing. In fact, the disclosure of this sort may make you seem more trustworthy a seller. However, the trick is to subtly mention the flaws and downplay their significance. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Keep this in mind when writing out the description for your junk. Never make it look like you don’t value your product, even if that really is the case!

  • Boxes are gold mines:

If you had any foresight when first buying your product, you may have kept the packaging aside for later use. When you are selling things online, their value automatically goes up if their original packaging is still intact and available. If you still happen to have the original box for your product, don’t hesitate to flaunt it!

Now, let’s look at how to find the right niche to sell these articles and earn some money. Read on.

Tips on Finding a Profitable Niche for Selling Products Online

Experts recommend that you focus on one niche when thinking of building a business online. There are many niches out there that can make you money but finding a profitable one can be challenging. The internet is a jungle, and entrepreneurs must know the ins and outs of their field before they commit any time, money and effort. If you’re struggling to find a profitable niche for your business, here are tips to help you:

Selling Products Online

  • Use Google suggest to find profitable niche for your business online

Google is a powerful search engine that before you hit the search button, a list of possibilities will be displayed for you. This feature normally harnesses phrases frequently used by online users, and so, the ideas displayed can be profitable niches for your business.

  • Amazon is a great place to get a profitable niche for your business online

If you’re wondering where to get a profitable niche for your business, Amazon is the go-to platform. A popular and best-selling niche on Amazon is indicative of a profitable niche. So you should consider dwelling on that niche.

  • Books and magazines are great places to find profitable niche for selling products online

Some people think that you can only get profitable niches online. Offline sources like books and magazines are treasure troves for profitable niches. The authors of books and magazine do extensive research before disseminating their pieces to the public, so apart from finding profitable niches, you can get great ideas to implement on your business.

  • Competition can help you get profitable niche for your business online

You can simply watch a market to determine if it is profitable or not. For example, if a market is highly competitive and a lot of buying and selling is taking place, then that niche is profitable, and you can join the bandwagon and compete. On the other hand, if the market isn’t competitive, it shows that the niche is not profitable.

  • is an excellent place to check out profitable business ideas for your business online

Udemy is a website dedicated to buying and selling courses and education. You can check out their database to see the most selling courses. The most selling course is a sign that the niche is profitable.


The internet is filled with profitable business opportunities for prospective business owners. However, beware of dodgy ones, too. So, extensive research is the only way to get legit business opportunities out there. Do not leave any stone unturned in the process of finding a profitable niche because it can mean the difference between your business succeeding and failing.

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