Book Review: Party (Read-a-thon, Update 3)

Ah, another book down! Got a few breaks in for a walk and lunch, but staying pretty focused overall! Let’s hope I can keep it up!!

Book Review: Party (Read-a-thon, Update 3)Party by Tom Leveen
Release Date: April 2010
Publisher: Random House
Pages: 228
Source: ALA

It's officially summertime in Santa Barbara and what better way to kick it off by having the party of the year. A party full of drugs, alcohol, girls, and much more. But just because it is the party of the year doesn't mean that it's going to be a good one. For some it will mean reconnecting with lost friends, but for others it will be crossing an unthinkable line. After all, alcohol, anger, and hormones don't mix well. Yet, among all the chaos and heartbreak, forgiveness and redemption may just be found. Told through eleven different teens, watch as the story interweaves and unfolds through the different perspectives. This is sure to be one party that no one will forget.

I was debating on to rate this one. Really, I think that 3.5 is a little low, but 4 would have been too high. If my start system would let me do 3.75 I probably would have placed it there. The books is good, but I think I was hoping for something more. Everything seemed to work out a little too nicely for me. The jock who beats up a kid gets off, the best friends make-up, and the guy gets his girl back. When does that ever happen? I mean, I like happy endings as much as the next, but this felt too convenient. I mean, even the cops show up and they don’t even do anything about all the underage kids who are smashed out of there minds! Really?! And I think Leveen took on too many characters. I liked being able to see the story from different views, but eleven just felt like too much. So much so I don’t think I really connected to any of the characters. Some of the guys that he added in just felt liked added space. Yes, we learned more about the story, but they really weren’t needed. They were extras who got to “over hear” what was going on, but didn’t add anything pivotal to the story themselves. Leveen could have easy shown the same thing, but done it through characters who truly mattered.

Beyond that, I did like how well Leveen weaved the story together. There was only one part where I felt like the time-line may have been a little off, but I’m really not sure how fast Morrigan’s parents were able to get a hold of her. They could have been calling for hours for all I know before she finally picked up. I do also like the message of forgiveness and looking beyond stupid mistakes, but I don’t know how I feel about no one truly paying the consequences. The fight and the alcohol should have been enough to get several of the kids into deep trouble. I mean, even the one girl who did get in trouble only got grounded for a month. Perhaps they’ll think about that night the rest of their lives and never forget the lessons they learned, but I highly doubt it.

If anyone else has read this book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Read-a-thon Stats
Total Read time: 5 hrs 30 mins
Books Read: Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams (78 pgs), Ask Me No Questions (162 pgs), Party (228 pgs)