30 Day Reading Challenge: Week 4

Well, this week was rough. I only got 3 books read. Admittedly, one of them was over 800 pages though! That puts me at 22 books in 30 days. Not quite the full 30, but I’ll take it.

30 Day Reading Challenge: Week 4The Looney Experiment by Luke Reynolds
Release Date: August 4th 2015
Publisher: Blink
Pages: 208
Source: Library

Atticus Hobart couldn't feel lower. He's in love with a girl who doesn't know he exists, he is the class bully's personal punching bag, and to top it all off, his dad has just left the family. Into this drama steps Mr. Looney, a 77-year-old substitute English teacher with uncanny insight and a most unconventional approach to teaching. But Atticus soon discovers there's more to Mr. Looney's methods than he'd first thought. And as Atticus begins to unlock the truths within his own name, he finds that his hyper-imagination can help him forge his own voice, and maybe just maybe discover that the power to face his problems was inside him all along.

This was a middle of the road book for me. I can totally see middle school boys liking it, especially those reluctant readers who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was a bit predictable and I would have loved a bit more depth to it. An okay read that’s worth checking out.


30 Day Reading Challenge: Week 4Boys Don't Knit (In Public) Release Date: March 24th 2015
Publisher: Macmillan
Pages: 272

I’m still not sure how I feel about this one. I was expecting something a little different. It had some funny moments, but nothing that I laughed hard about. (Well, except for the old granny chasing bullies with a giant knitting needle.) Language and  sex chatter move this one to solid high school. I will say that I didn’t like how Ben’s friends treated most women. There one scene, which was the worst, where they watched a girl on crutches putting her groceries into her car because when she bent over you could see under her skirt. The one friend even taped part of it, which ew! However, there was alway the implication/comment that what they were doing was wrong and that Ben needed new friends. Still doesn’t make it 100% better, but at least it’s not being applauded. But I will say they protected their friend when he needed it the most, which helped redeem their uncool behavior a bit as well.


30 Day Reading Challenge: Week 4Winter by Marissa Meyer
Release Date: November 10th 2015
Publisher: Macmillan
Pages: 832

Aw, man, this book was a beast! Over 800 pages, whew. Main verdict is that I liked it and was happy with how the series wrapped up. The fight scenes with Levana and the ending dragged on a bit, which is probably my biggest complaint. Although, I don’t feel like things were a bit too open ended with Cinder and Kai. It would be years before Lunar would be under control again and it’s hard to believe that he would wait that long. I mean, long distance relationships are hard enough when you’re on the same planet. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like for them. However, it was fitting at the same time so I can’t complain too much.

As a side note: I listened to about 1/2 of this on audio, which was absolutely fantastic. However, it was 23 hours long! I don’t get a lot of opportunity to listen to audiobooks (mainly in the gym) and simply could not wait to found out how this one ended, which is why I delved into the print book instead of listening it out.