Book Review: Another Faust

Book Review: Another FaustAnother Faust by Daniel Nayeri, Dina Nayeri
Release Date: August 2009
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Pages: 400

In this Gossip-Girl-meets-the-paranormal, nothing is ever as it seems. The Faust siblings are new to Marlow, a prestigious high school in New York, but they won't be unknown for long. With a little help from their "gifts", the teens dazzle and dominate any room they are in. After all, with powers like beauty, mind reading, stopping time, erasing events, and stealing powers they are notches above the rest.  However, a bargain with the devil is never easy or without complications. As the teens struggle to be the best, secrets threatened to be revealed...lies that could tear the Faust siblings apart. Who will rise above the rest, and who will be left to waste away?

Another Faust ended up being one of those books I liked, but just didn’t love. I had a hard time really connecting or liking any of the characters. I just felt like I never truly got to know them enough to fully understand the way they thought or what made them tick. There were some characters like Victoria or Valentin that I really wanted to like and kept looking for some vulnerability, but the more I learned the more I despised them. Their constant need for power and superiority left a foul taste in my mouth, especially after we learn the dirty tricks they’ve pulled on the others. The other three, by the end, I did have a twinge of sympathy for. They got caught up in a situation that they couldn’t fully understand/know about. I mean, they were only 10 when they sold their souls! A mere child cannot comprehend what they are doing. Although, I suppose the point was that the governess was preying on their weakness and desires. What better age to start than childhood.

Now, all that being said, I think the story premise was interesting enough. At times the plot was a little strange or hard to follow, especially the tales from another time, but I’ve always been interested in the selling your soul to the devil type stories. And I have to say this was a much different spin than I had heard before. The last 100 pages or so really picked up and I truly began to enjoy the story. I’m not sure I was totally happy with the ending though. I really wanted to know what would become of them. I’m secretly hoping there will be a sequel that will follow the kids in the aftermath. I would love to see how they’re faring and if anything changed. I know I’ve heard the next book will be at Marlowe again, so maybe we’ll catch glimpses (*crosses fingers*).

On a side note, I can really see teens who like Gossip Girls/Paranormal really liking this book. The teens that I work with seem to really be drawn to that rich and famous lifestyle…not to mention all the Twilight fans that are out there. (In fact, I’m not even sure the my copies have hit our shelves yet! It was one of those that went immediately to someone who had a hold on it.) I can certainly see this being one of those slow-creeping hits. The teens may not realize it’s around, but once they do they’ll eat it up!

Ok, now that you know what I think, let me hear from you! Have you read Another Faust? If so, what did you think?