Manga Love

Today, I’ve decided to talk about the manga series I’ve been reading of late and why I love them. I started reading graphic novels like Fables and Gloomcookiec before I ever read manga and I started off with cutesy series like Hana Kimi, Ultra Cute, Faeries Landing. But then I moved on to some of the darker ones – Death Note, well really just that one. What I love about manga is that they are such a blend of elements. There’s almost always a humorous character, then a hero, a love interest, and usually a few gay guys who are in love with said hero. I digress.

So, I really just want to talk about one new series I’ve been reading, which is by the creators of Death Note. It’s called Bakuman.

Now, this is a series about two boys in middle school who decide they want to become manga artists. And follows them into high school. I just was so drawn into the story. The first volume had some funny references to Death Note which made me smile and then it drew into this epic story about two boys dream to make it doing the thing they love.

There’s also this interesting romance. Mashiro is the artist of the duo and his uncle was a manga artist who died from overworking himself. They are similar in a way that they decide they are in love with this equally shy women. His uncle had cherished letters from his love, but eventually she could not wait any longer and got married. Mashiro is in love with a girl at school and she happens to be the daughter of this woman. She says that they will only email until their dreams come true, Mashiro’s is having a manga series published and hers is to become a voice actress so she can star in his anime.

I also love this series because it introduces these other very colorful manga creators, one of which is a high school genius and reminds me so much of L in Death Note. Even the way he sits is so like L.

So, overall I really just love manga in general. If you’ve never read one they’re addicting, almost like soap operas. There’s a lot of drama no matter what genre it is and it just keeps you wanting more. I read the first 5 volumes of Bakuman in a week and am lamenting that I have to wait two more weeks until volume 6 comes out.

Other titles I’ve been reading lately manga wise include: Girl Genius and March Story.

Do you read manga? What are some of your favorite series?

One of the only manga series I own and love (and it’s actually American style reading-wise) is The Queen’s Knight.