Happy Dance

I know I should be posting a review today, but I just had to share my happy news with everyone. If you remember my post about Summer Reading from June, my goal was to get 200 teen participants this summer. Well, I’m happy to report we have at least 225 teens with 3 weeks left to go! AND the teens are not slowing down. We’ve been putting in new participants daily. I registered at least 10 alone yesterday. I’m shocked, but excited to see where my final numbers end up. Of course, the hardest part is that since we’re back to paper logs I don’t have instant stats. A co-worker and myself enter in the information once a week, so most of the time what I have is out of date since we have two locations. I’m very, very stoked to see what my final participation count and pages read total will be at the end of the summer.

OH! And I should say that it’s not just the Reading number that are up. Teen events are sky-rocketing, too. In the past, I’ve been lucky to pull in 8 teens per programs. And that was on a GOOD day. Almost every event has pulled in 15 teens are more! For the month of June alone we had 104 teens come to programs. Seriously, I would say that is a good 30% increase from last year. And my HUGE events, such as pizza tasting, murder mystery and Lock-In are yet to come!

So, um, please excuse me as I do a very, very long happy dance.


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