Collection Analysis: Printz Award Part 1

There has been a lot of talk about Book Award winners and if they have teen appeal, if they circulate, etc. While I understand both sides and have debated it a little on my own, that’s not really what I want to talk about here. Instead, I just want to look at hard-cold facts. How are my award winners doing? Which have had staying power and which have not according to stats? (Also, I apologize in advance because I really, really like stats!)

Originally, I was going to do this in one post, but it was getting rather long. Instead I’ll do one post for Main and one post for my Branch. They’re vastly different communities so I don’t mind thinking of them differently/splitting the post.

For full disclosure, my list only includes books that are currently in the Teen Area at the Main Library. I have cut out any titles that are located in storage but have not circulated in the past two years. These are usually extra copies due to schools using them for projects or when demand was super high. The only exception to this rule is if it was our only copy. I have starred these copies for reference. Also, I included copies that have recently gone into missing, lost, or withdrawn because most had circulated in the past 8 months (we switched systems end of June) and I wanted their numbers to still count.

The following titles are located in JUV, meaning they were not added into my list. I may reevaluate some of these titles and move them to teen, but for now they are not part of my data.

Skellig by David Almond
Kit’s Wildnerness by David Almond
Many Stones by Carolyn Coman
A Step From Heavean by An Na
Heart to Heart by Jan Greenberg
Hole in my Life by Jacke Gantos
John Lennon: All I want is the Truth by Elizabeth Patridge
A Wreath for Emmit Till by Marilyn Nelson
Your Own, Sylvia by Stephanie Hemphill
Charles and Emma by Debra Heiligman

There were also a couple of titles that should be in teen, but are not owned by the Main Library (although they are by our Branch)

True Believer  by Wolff, Virginia E
Surrender by Hartnett, Sonya
One whole and perfect day by  Clarke, Judith
Repossessed by Jenkins, A.M

Okay, so what did I learn? When looking at the average circs per year most of the titles are sitting at 3 or higher. While this isn’t amazing it is decent, especially since this is my low-reading community. I love seeing that top two are honor winners from last year. Now, I fully expect this to change since they’ve only been in circulation for a year, but it was great to see how popular they were. Also, I love that Code Name Verity is also in the top 10. It’ll be interesting to look at the numbers next year and see if this year’s winners shift in place (which I’m fully expecting). The only title I don’t already own that won this year is White Bicycle.

I am a little sad that 16 titles haven’t circ’d at all in the past 8 months, but looking over the titles the only one that surprises me is American Born Chinese. GNs are highly popular in my area, but I’m hoping it was just getting lost in the mix and that the new GN organization will help it be rediscovered. As for those that have had staying power, there wasn’t much of a surprise there either. I fully expected to see Speak, House of Scorpion, and The Book Thief at the top of the list. I also expected Monster be low on the list as his books just don’t move like they use to. Teens are picking up other “urban” lit and just aren’t as interested in Walter Dean Myers no matter how hard I try.

I do have a feeling that there will be some books moving to storage in the next year or so. I’ll do a display and see if I can get some to move, but I can’t justify leaving a book that circulation 1 time or less a year on the shelf, even if it is an award winner. However, the nice thing about storage is that the books are housed in movable shelving and are still available for patron check-out. I also like that this projected pointed out some books that went missing/lost that I need to reorder asap. And a couple that I may want to looking into possibly ordering more copies of.

Below is all the data I collected. The tables are sortable if you wish to look at them in different orders. If you have any question/think I might have left something out just leave a comment. I realize this may really only be fascinating to me, but I would still love to hear other’s thoughts/have a discussion. And just as an FYI, I’ll have part two up tomorrow!


Why We Broke UpHandler, Daniel114514141yr
The Scorpio RacesStiefvater, Maggie113313131yr
The Book ThiefZusak, Marcus416329389.56yrs
SpeakAnderson, Laurie Halse111759913yrs
StolenChristopher, Lucywithdrawn162882yrs
The ReturningHinwood, Christine183881yr
Code Name VerityWein, Elizabeth18888less 1yr
The House of the ScorpionFarmer, Nancy41727225.510yrs
An Abundances of KatherinesGreen, John22971053yrs
Looking for AlaskaGreen, John2, 1 missing76151347yrs
The Body of Christopher CreedPlum-Ucci, Carol365511412yrs
Stuck in NeutralTrueman, Terry26548410yrs
Hard LoveWittlinger, Ellen.lost4304410yrs
The MonstrumologistYancey, Richard2253843yrs
Ship BreakerBacigalupi, Paolo182442yrs
NothingTeller, Jane183442yrs
The Earth, My Butt, and Other Round ThingsMackler, Carolyn1, 1 withdrawn55173.58yrs
The First Part LastJohnson, Angela2342638yrs
I am the MessengerZusak, Marcus1237337yrs
Jellicoe RoadMarchetta, Melina1, missing190634yrs
The astonishing life of Octavian Nothing, traitor to the nation. 1 The pox partyAnderson, M.T.1160336yrs
A Northern LightDonnelly, Jennifer180333yrs
In DarknessLake, Nick133331yr
MonsterMyers, Walter Dean47847212yrs
American Born ChineseYang, Gene4480926 yrs
How I live nowRosoff, Meg2241428yrs
Going BovineBray, Libba2, missing203723yrs
The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks : a novelLockhart, E3190524yrs
Fat Kid Rules the WorldGoing, K.L.1151229yrs
RevolverSedgwick, Marcuslost51222yrs
Please ignore Vera DietzKing, A.S.141222yrs
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster boySchmidt, Gary D.29631.53yrs
Tales of the Madman UndergroundBarnes, John19031.53yrs
Tender Morsels*Lanagan, Margo1601.51.54yrs
NationPratchett, Terry1601.51.54yrs
Where Things Come BackWhaley, John Corey25331.52yrs
FreewillLynch, Chris11001111yrs
AirbornOppel, Kennethlost103118yrs
Chanda's SecretsStratton, Allan191118yrs
White DarknessMcCaughrean, Geraldine.140113yrs
Punkzilla*Rapp, Adam140113yrs
Jasper JonesSilvey, Craig110111yr
Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universeSaenz, Benjamin Alire11111less 1yr
DodgerPratchett, Terry11111less 1yr
My HeartbeatFreymann-Weyr, Garret1700.70.710yrs
The Ropemaker*Dickison, Peter1600.50.511yrs
Keesha's HouseFrost, Helen1510.50.59yrs
Postcards from No Man's Land*Chambers, Aidan1300.30.310yrs
Black Juice*Lanagan, Margo1100.10.17yrs
Dreamquake : book two of the Dreamhunter duetKnox, Elizabethwithdrawn00005yrs


  1. Really interesting, I’ve found that 1. Walter Dean Meyers readers are younger than they used to be and 2. Monster is a “school book” here so they’ve all read it without it really being checked out.

    1. I should look into it being a school book, but I’m not sure it is in this area. However, they may be picking it up from their school library instead of us. But honestly, I don’t hear any of my teens really talking about him any more.

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