Author Signing w/Julia Hoban

On Saturday I got the lovely opportunity to go see Julia Hoban and some bloggers in Valparaiso, IN. I’m only going to give a quick run down since Kristi, Kristen, and Erica have already given fabulous recaps!

Ok, so Friday night Kristen came down and crashed on my couch. I had a lot of fun talking w/her and keeping her up way too late. (heehee) We had lots of fun convos about books and blogging and would have totally kept her up later if she hat let me.

We headed off to Valpo around 11am and got there right around noon. We weren’t sure when Kristi and Erica would get there, so we decided to stop in B&N to see if we saw them. Walking in, I had a feeling that Erica was there because I saw a car w/her home state plates on it. But I thought it could be a coincidence! We headed in, checked out the signing spot and headed straight to the YA area. (After all, where else would YA Bloggers be?) We passed Erica, but I wasn’t sure it was her so we didn’t say anything. Luckily, Kristi was right up ahead so we called out to her and headed over.  And of course, Erica joined us seconds later!

We invited the girls to go to lunch with us, but Kristi already had plans to eat lunch with Julia! But, being her gracious self, she called Julia to make sure it was okay if we joined. Julia, who is such a sweetheart, said she would love for us to join her! She was only ten minutes away so the four of us headed over to Panera.

We had a lovely lunch (even though Kristi and Erica were very nervous) and it was fun hearing about Julia and her life. With about 15 minutes to spare, we headed over to the signing. After buying our books real quick, we grabbed seats in the front row. Julia came out, started talking, and get this…introduced us! She made sure everyone knew we were bloggers, what our sites were, and thanked us for helping make Willow what it was. We were all pretty shocked to say the least! None of us expected her to do that, but it was very sweet & cool of her to do! Julia read a couple of passages of Willow, talked a little bit, and then opened the floor for Q&A. Thankfully, people asked questions, but she still made sure each of us bloggers asked one, too.  (Thanks for pointing out I hadn’t asked on yet KRISTEN)

After the signing, Julia had about an hour before her driver came and was up for hanging with us some more. We went to the café and had some delicious pumpkin cheesecake. I know I’ve said this a billion times already, but Julia really is so sweet. She even invited us all to meet up with her again when we’re in NYC. (BEA!) We walked Julia out to her car for goodbye and hugs before she left to catch her plane.

Afterward, the four of us headed out to Chilis. We got in a lot more book & blogging & general talk. We must have stayed at least an hour or so before we headed back to B&N and went our separate ways. I am sooo glad I got to go and spend time with all four of these AMAZING ladies. I can’t wait to do it again!



  1. Yay! *dances* I had so much fun! It was just amazing, wasn’t it? I felt like the spotlight was on us afterwards. So crazy. I really love Julia and wish I was going to BEA and could hang with you guys at her apartment. I’m reading Willow and enjoying it so far, did you crack your copy open yet?

  2. 🙂 It was so much fun 😛 We should all go to another signing sometime soonish with the oodles of signings coming up! Julia was so sweet!

  3. It was so very much fun! And it was awesome to see you again! And i’m glad to know I wasn’t saying your name wrong all day! ha! what a blast! i’m glad i made the trip!

  4. I’m so jealous! I wish I could have gone instead of having to work 🙁 BOO WORK! LOL, I’m glad you guys had a good time though! I think it’s so awesome that she introduced all you guys and your blog urls. That is so sweet.

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