Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Blogging Tips & Tutorials

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Blogging Tips & Tutorials

blogiestaHello all and welcome to my mini-challenge!

No matter if you consider yourself a new blogger or an experienced one there is always room to learn more about blogging. After all, we all want our blog to be the best it can be, right? Whether it’s working on labels, favicons, anchor text, or layout/design there are always little tips & tricks we can pick up as we take our blogs to the next level.

Your mission for this mini-challenge is to head over to 27 Must Read Tips & Tutorials for Bloggers and read at least 5 of the articles that are provided.  Try not to rush this one; take your time and really look through all the tips that are offered. Once you’re done there, leave me a comment about a tip you learned and want to incorporate into your blog. There will be giveaways for those that participate!

I hope your don’t let your learning stop here. I encourage you to make a “blogging tips” tag/folder in your feedreader so that you can continually stay on top of blogging tips and trends. Be sure to share your favorites over at the Book Blogs Ning.

Viva la Bloggiesta!

44 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Blogging Tips & Tutorials

  1. I do have a blogging tips folder in my favorites that I refer to quite often. That link is already in them, but I think I’ll reread a couple anyway. 🙂

  2. Thanks for a much needed (at least for me) challenge. As a brand new blogger, I am finding this so helpful and I’ll definitely be linking to this page. The best advice (although it’s all good) that I found at Seth’s is the mantra of building from a ten-person audience. It is a much less daunting task, writing for ten people, initially, than going into it thinking that you are writing to no one or everyone! I was also happy to see that book blogging is not in the “over saturated” category. Not that I would stop if it were; I just smiled because it wasn’t.

  3. Okay, I’ve read 5. I was realy surprised to see that (on more than one of them!) posting numbered lists was suggested as a good way to get more readers! Very interesting. I shall have to ponder how to incorporate.

  4. I think I have info overload, but I’ll try to remember everything I read.
    I read about the whole creative commons licenses for flickr. Before that was pretty confusing, but now I can better incorporate that. I read a lot of posts on tips for getting traffic and tips for improving blog layouts. My main goal will be to make my sidebar functional and improve on readability of my blog. I will also try registering with Technorati.

    Thanks for the mini challenge. It was a good one.

  5. Thanks for the great link! I found a bunch of useful info. Of the few that I’ve read so far, I really liked the 25 Paths to an Insanely Popular Blog post. I think I’m a combination of a few of them like the audacious blogger, the strategist blogger and the Matrix model.

  6. Oh yeah, my email is [email protected](dot)com

  7. So much I needed to read!! I wish I had this at the beginning of my blogging journey!

    I’ve read a lot about branding – which I’ve been trying to do. I’ll also work more on talking back to my readers. Making sure I’m leaving comments for them.

  8. Thanks – great suggestion to read these. I just reread the article about advertisers, and remembered again the advice that 1000 unique daily visitors is a good rule of thumb before trying to get advertisers. (Almost there…just need 975 more or so). 🙂

  9. OKay, I’m doing the subscribe via email thing, invite guest bloggers, pay attention to my analytics, build a brand ;), increase google page rank… okay, there are just a lot of stuff I can and will do, so thanks! Starting with the templates.

  10. I read the first six, and plan to go back for more. The SEOmoz 21 Tactics for Increasing Blog Traffic are particularly good and useful to all blogs, not just tech/marketing blogs.

  11. I appreciated the articles I read. The ones I think that helped me the most were about comments – how to leave them and how to get them. Definitely have lots to think about… Thanks!

  12. Thank you for this bloggiesta challenge! There is so much information available that it was awesome to have it all together in one place. I read through most of the articles (except the ones geared toward making money from blogging) and I found lots of valuable info. The article I found most useful was “43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid” I will be taking into consideration many of the tips that article provided.

  13. I enjoyed that! I need to bookmark the site.

    I learned that I need to offer the RSS feed via e-mail, I should post serial posts, and I should have a photo in my “about me” section. Today I created a small business banner for the bottom of my posts.

    I’m doing well in that I write regularly, I mix my subject matter up enough to maintain interest, I link to my posts with “come and read me” titles, and I comment on other people’s blogs.

  14. What a great resource! I read six articles and got a great idea for a post while I was reading one of them. I also recommend loved the article on using flickr images–I use a lot of images, so I’m glad I could brush up on licensing and copyright issues.

  15. This was very helpful, though a bit overwhelming. I started with the more straightforward ones since I’m new at blogging and have just begun to approach authors and publishers and other bloggers via email. The tips on emailing were helpful – mainly to be mindful and to tailor to your audience. The 21 Tactics to increase blog traffic was also useful, although at this point I think that I should focus on creating the “pillars” that Yaro wrote about. Trying to develop content that is useful, solid, and enduring.


  16. Wow, there is a lot to read here, I am going to save that page for a more in-depth look.

    I learned from 40 Ways to DeliverKiller Blog Content about making series posts. I already made a few lists that I hope to incorporate into my blog.

  17. so i took my time and actually digested everything in each of the posts and woah it took me over 3 hours. but definitely worth it. tons and tons of good info and i wish every blogger would read them.

  18. I found a lot of these articles really useful – particularly the don’ts of web/blog design. Since I was messing around with mine this weekend for bloggiesta their was a lot of stuff for me to keep in mind!

  19. I am definitely on over information overload, but I read a couple and have bookmarked the article to read after my brain gets a chance to rest.

  20. I completed the mini challenge concentrating most of my reading on topics related to ‘Comments’. I combined the challenge with my #bloggiesta goal of writing more comments. I learned to evaluate the blog together with the post before I start writing the comment.

  21. Wow. So much info, so many resources. I liked the article on design “don’ts” and really got a lot of good info from the articles focused on networking (“Why Readers Don’t Leave Comments” and “Ways to Connect w/ Other Bloggers While You’re Reading Blogs”).

  22. “Don’t write about your cat, your boyfriend or your kids.” But, But, But….I like my cat. LOL I focused today on the getting site traffic section, I think I really need to focus on writing things for other people, mostly I just write posts that amuse myself and hope someone stumbles upon it and thinks it’s funny too.

  23. 7 Great Ways to Connect with Other Bloggers While You’re Out Reading Blogs was a great article to get me thinking about what I write, why I write it and what I should be doing to be a more effective blogger

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