June 19th, 2009

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Blogging Tips & Tutorials

blogiestaHello all and welcome to my mini-challenge!

No matter if you consider yourself a new blogger or an experienced one there is always room to learn more about blogging. After all, we all want our blog to be the best it can be, right? Whether it’s working on labels, favicons, anchor text, or layout/design there are always little tips & tricks we can pick up as we take our blogs to the next level.

Your mission for this mini-challenge is to head over to 27 Must Read Tips & Tutorials for Bloggers and read at least 5 of the articles that are provided.  Try not to rush this one; take your time and really look through all the tips that are offered. Once you’re done there, leave me a comment about a tip you learned and want to incorporate into your blog. There will be giveaways for those that participate!

I hope your don’t let your learning stop here. I encourage you to make a “blogging tips” tag/folder in your feedreader so that you can continually stay on top of blogging tips and trends. Be sure to share your favorites over at the Book Blogs Ning.

Viva la Bloggiesta!

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