Book Review: Betrayed

Book Review: Betrayed

Book Review: Betrayed
Betrayed by Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast
Publisher: Macmillan
Release Date: October 2007
Pages: 320

Fledgling vampyre Zoey Redbird has managed to settle in at the House of Night.  She's come to terms with the vast powers the vampyre goddess, Nyx, has given her, and is getting a handle on being the new Leader of the Dark Daughters. Best of all, Zoey finally feels like she belongs--like she really fits in. She actually has a boyfriend...or two. Then the unthinkable happens: Human teenagers are being killed, and all the evidence points to the House of Night. While danger stalks the humans from Zoey's old life, she begins to realize that the very powers that make her so unique might also threaten those she loves. Then, when she needs her new friends the most, death strikes the House of Night, and Zoey must find the courage to face a betrayal that could break her heart, her soul, and jeopardize the very fabric of her world.


After reading the first book in this series, Marked, I knew that I would have to pick up the next installment. And boy, oh boy am I glad I did. This book had it all, suspense and mystery, with a touch of romance and realism. I like Zoey’s character much more in this book, because she seemed so normal.

Zoey had finally gotten used to everything at the House of Night. Her circle of friends was strong, and her reign as the leader of the Dark Daughters, while making her nervous, was going well. Her love life was confusing. But then again what teenage girl’s isn’t? She had both the yummy Erik Night and her ex-almost boyfriend Heath fighting over her. Even though sometimes she’s not sure if it’s really Heath, or his blood that she is attracted too.

Then everything seems to be going wrong. Some human boys that she knew from school wind up missing, and then later are found as dead. Zoey believes that nobody from House of Night would do that, but all the signs are pointing towards them. Zoey’s best friend, Stevie Rae, is getting sick. And when Heath ends up missing as well, Zoey knows that it’s time to step in and get to the bottom of this mystery.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Betrayed

  1. So, another vampire romance novel. A genre I can generally do without. Although the fact that such a genre is becoming so popular with the kids reminds me of the superhero comics of the depression. Here we have a kind of cultural repression and a feeling of being not quite human. I’ll bet a sociologist will write a PHD thesis on the subject in 25 or 50 years.

    I like the idea of the vampire in popular culture. I enjoyed some of Anne Rice’s novels and some other media to include vampires. (Underworld the Movie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series, Vampire: the Masquerade RPG, etc.)

  2. Aw, come on. Is it really so hard to figure out? People love to escape reality during hard times. 🙂

    I haven’t gotten to PC Cast books yet. I just finished the Twilight saga – fun but now I am interested in something a little darker and a little more adult.

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